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Reveiws and Feedback

Learn more about the quality of the product that we manufacture. Designed and manufactured in the USA, American Racing Solutions guarantees our tensioners for life!

2014 Grand Cherokee SRT. Fully built 6.4L. 2.9L Whipple. Between 8 and 9psi.  Makes about 750 hp at the crank.

After supercharging my Jeep I’ve had tons of belt issues.  Both my idler pulley and tensioner pulley had melted.  A stock replacement for the idler had melted a second time and the new tensioner couldn’t have been far behind.  At the recommendation of my builder, I ordered and installed the ARS pulleys.  Nearly 1000 miles in, the serpentine still looks new.  Now, not only do I not have to worry about the billet pulleys melting, I have confidence that my belts will stand up to the rigors of my setup.

Kevin C


Racing Belt Tensioner HEMI
The tensioner I bought and put on my 2012 Charger RT this past weekend at Maple Grove during the MSHS race worked flawlessly. The car performed great all day. Installation was easy. Drove home 6 hours the next day. No issues and even less belt noise. Great looking tensioner. I am very pleased with the tensioner. Thanks for your support of the MSHS series.

John G

HEMI Street Performance Tensioner

Authentic Performance writes:

HEMI Belt Tensioner

I wanted to let you know we have installed the two street versions of your Hemi tensioner and they are working great!

Click here to watch a quick video of on on a 808 rwhp Hemi 426 and Whipple combo on a 2013 Chrysler 300C SRT8.   

The associated dyno sheet for that car with your tensioner:

HEMI Dyno Results

Glen T

HEMI Belt Tensioner

I purchased the Hemi belt tensioner at the MSHS race at maple grove.  This past weekend at the MSHS race at VMP I took the Bracket class win.  The car was extremely hot and the tensioner performed flawlessly.  Thanks for the great product.
- John

ARS9760A 2005 – 2010

Wanted to let you know tensioner went on today and so far so good.  Only took one small washer to line it up.  Pics attached of my new belt setup and tensioner.

American Racing Solutions Testimonial

 We will hit track Thursday and will let you know how it goes. Only gonna have 115 degree heat index lol.

 Update: Tensioner and new belt setup is doing great.  No slip.  We still have few more tenths left in the car when the track reopens.  Track wasn't great so we didn't spray it much and had a low fuel bog on this run.

Jamie T

 American Racing Belt Tensioner Review

American Racing Solutions Racing Belt Tensioner Review

Jamie purchased our ARS9760A 2005 – 2010 Racing Belt Tensioner and installed it on his

 2010 Camaro SS
Forged 429
Whipple 2.9 supercharger
Pegasus 10 rib
4l80 conversion
Circle d converter
Strange s60 rear
Gforce outlaw axles
Mast black label heads
Fore flex fuel
Nx nitrous

Jamie T

Your new HEMI Racing Tensioner is working great on my 08 Challenger with a 426 aluminum block featuring a 4.2L KenneBell Supercharger, Thitek Heads under the hood and a 9” rear.

From my drag logs it looks like I even gained more boost with the efficacy of your tensioner. I have made 20 passes at the track with your new tensioner and can’t be more happy that I have no more belt issues now. Best run 9.48 @ 149mph – and drives on the street as well with A/C and power steering all being used!

I did just take out my paramount trans last weekend but the belt is still on lol. So broke a transmission rated at 1000HP and belts holding up, that’s got to be good for you guys!

Chris P.

So I got with Frank after the introduction thread and told him of our issues with cams that thump. You can see in the video that the tensioner cannot control belt chatter. The PS would get jerky, the tensioner would bounce all over and the belt would get some really bad harmonics.

Frank made an offer we couldn't refuse, pay for a pulley and if it doesn't work send it back for a full refund including shipping. So the tensioner arrived Tuesday. We put it on today and we have a 99% improvement. Still have a little belt squeak but it's not out of control and I think the squeak will go away with a fresh belt. This one has an entire summer on it with the old tensioner and I am sure it's worn pretty good.

As soon as it's downloaded we have video of the tensioner on a dyno pull as well. Even with the old belt we saw full boost with no slip. I would recommend the ARS tensioner to anyone.

BFNY Performance
9515 Detroit Rd
Cleveland Oh 44102