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NMCA West 5th Annual Race

Last weekend I attended the NMCA West 5th race at the Auto Club Dragway located in Fontana, CA at the invitation of Alex “The Car Girl” Rogeo and Richard Kratz. The purpose was to test our new Hemi Racing Belt Tensioner that we have developed and fine-tuned with some great feed... read more


American Muscle Mustang Show

I had a great day at the American Muscle Mustang Show in PA this past Saturday. I have no idea how many beautiful Mustangs I saw, I simply can’t count that high. I enjoyed chatting with one of the professional drag racers that was exhibiting his 5.0 Coyote with a Kenne Bell Supercharger making ... read more


Camaro Gen 5

ARS New Product Coming Soon! ARS is beta testing our newest tensioner for the Generation 5 Camaro! read more


AWARDED the Best Belt Tensioner for HEMI Engines

No More Belt Slip or Breakage We're sort of experts on serpentine belt problems on HEMI engines. We've broken five a day on more than one occasion. On our 900+ horsepower MoparMax Maulin' Magnum the extreme torque and power overwhelmed any OEM style tensioner we tried. We broke a bunch of tensioners too, as the power of ... read more


Honorable Mention DragZine on Patterson-Elite COPO build.

COPO Tech: Prepping A Camaro For Factory Stock Showdown Racing "Patterson-Elite upgrades to a billet tensioner from American Racing Solutions and also installs a stronger Gates ribbed belt." Read the full article and see how Patterson-Elite has added 150 Horsepower over what the engine came with. As Patterson-Elite gets a COPO Camaro ready for NHRA Compe... read more


Best Belt Tensioner. Ever.

Words and photos by Richard Kratz The modern multiple rib serpentine belt system is a major improvement over the old multiple V-belt systems typically found in classic cars. A single belt allows for more compact packaging at the front of the engine and in conjunction with an automatic belt tensioner device is virtually maintenance f... read more


Patterson Elite Performance Recommendation Letter

Patterson Elite Performance Recommendation Letter Excerpt from Letter. At Patterson Elite Performance we use and recommend American Racing Solutions Products to all our customers. We're proud to use your quality products, in our record setting and National Event Winning COPO Camaros. read more