Words and photos by Richard Kratz 
The modern multiple rib serpentine belt system is a major improvement over the old multiple V-belt systems typically found in classic cars. A single belt allows for more compact packaging at the front of the engine and in conjunction with an automatic belt tensioner device is virtually maintenance free.

For a typical driver, the only time they might think about their belt is when it needs replacing. But if you’re reading this magazine, let’s face it, you are not typical. You are an enthusiast and as an enthusiast you continually upgrade your vehicle. We can’t help ourselves, it’s in our nature.

It starts with normal bolt-ons and the upgrade path from there is dictated by budget and the depth of your individual addiction to horsepower. And from the robust sales of supercharger kits in the current market, a lot of you have a serious addiction.

We put a lot of thought into our exhaust system, wheels, tires, electronics and more, but we never think about the good old serpentine belt until there’s an issue with it. The most common issue is when you have a built engine and a supercharger with smaller pulleys to make more boost than the original supercharger kit was rated for and you encounter belt slip…

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