I had a great day at the American Muscle Mustang Show in PA this past Saturday. I have no idea how many beautiful Mustangs I saw, I simply can’t count that high. I enjoyed chatting with one of the professional drag racers that was exhibiting his 5.0 Coyote with a Kenne Bell Supercharger making over 1,300 HP and running one of our earliest versions of our billet aluminum racing belt tensioners. This tensioner has been on the car for 3 years and has never failed!

One thing that amazes me is how many everyday Mustang enthusiasts that are out there who have sent $5,000 or more installing superchargers on their cars but never changed out the stock belt tensioner.

Sure the stock tensioner is perfectly fine for a car making 500 or even 600 HP but when you are adding superchargers you know you are entering a whole new world of horsepower, torque and stress on many factory installed components, especially your belt tensioner.

Ask your buddies who are racing on the tracks across the country just how many factory belt tensioners they have broken. Then ask them what the true cost of that failure. When your tensioner fails you lose the race but what other damage has taken place under the hood or to the hood?

Here are just some of the horrors that have been shared with us; broken belt, torn up AC lines, damaged AC compressor, damaged alternator and in one case the belt when right through the hood of the car… you get the idea. This is the reasons why American Racing Solutions has eveloped a line of Racing Billet Belt Tensioners.ARS86200C.2

In addition to being tested and proven to stand up to 1,300+ HP all of our tensioners provide 15 to as much as 20 additional pounds of torque on the spring over the stock models. With increased spring tension the pulley stays in constant contact with the belt as it stretches and that dramatically reduces or eliminates belt slip and help to maintain boost out of the supercharger and that my friends equals increased HP and reduces elapsed time!

Our current line of up American Racing Solutions Racing Belt Tensioners includes bolt on replacements for Mustangs to include; GT500, Coyote 5.0 and the GT. Not a Ford person? No problem we have the same solution for the 5.7L Hemi many years and model cars. We also have a custom model designed to be used with any 2.9L Whipple Supercharger (currently being used on the 2014 and up Camaro COPO). Finally, we have one out there for Buick Grand National early model years and we are developing new models on a regular basis. If we don’t have the belt tensioner that you are looking for, reach out to us we love custom jobs.

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