American Racing Solutions provides the last racing belt tensioner you will ever buy.

Anyone that is racing a supercharged muscle car knows that the stock belt tensioner was not designed to stand up the stress and the strain of racing with increased HP and torque.  We are proud of our line of Racing Belt Tensioners, which are designed and fabricated from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum (not cast) and they are all direct bolt-on replacements for your stock tensioner (no adaptor plates or accessories needed).

Our Tensioners have been proven on the DYNO and the Race Track and will increase boost and HP by reducing or completely eliminating belt slip.  As a result of our engineering and the use of custom fabricated springs, hardened steel shafts, needle bearings, and bushings our Tensioners will outperform anything on the market.  No more broken, shredded or melted belts.  We are so confident that our tensioners will not break or bend, that we guarantee them for the life of your car.

We offer two versions of our HEMI Tensioner.  Our Racing Version maintains an initial spring tension of 50 lbs. and increases as the mechanical arm travels, up to 90 degrees, as the belt stretches under a full load.  When you back off the throttle and the belt retracts the arm will smoothly return to its original position all the while maintaining constant tension on the belt.

The Racing Version is recommended for cars making over 700 HP.  Our Street Performance Version is exactly the same except the initial spring tension starts at 38 lbs. and has been designed for supercharged cars that are still running power steering and air conditioning to protect these items for the added stress of a heavier spring.