American Racing Solutions provides the last racing belt tensioner you will ever buy.

Anyone that is racing a supercharged muscle car knows that the stock belt tensioner was not designed to stand up the stress and the strain of racing with increased HP and torque.  We are proud of our line of Racing Belt Tensioners, which are designed and fabricated from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum (not cast) and they are all direct bolt-on replacements for your stock tensioner (no adaptor plates or accessories needed).

Our Tensioners have been proven on the DYNO and the Race Track and will increase boost and HP by reducing or completely eliminating belt slip.  As a result of our engineering and the use of custom fabricated springs, hardened steel shafts, needle bearings and bushings our Tensioners will outperform anything on the market.  No more broken, shredded or melted belts.  We are so confident that our tensioners will not break or bend, that we guarantee them for the life of your car.

Are your familiar with names like Shelby Mark Meiering and Johnny “Lighting” Wiker?  Do you know what they have in common?  Both are well-known racers making big power with the Kenne Bell Bigun Supercharger and both are running on American Racing Solutions Tensioners.  Shelby Mark was the inspiration behind our newest GT Racing Tensioner.  When Mark contacted us asking if we could solve a problem we jumped into action.  Mark makes BIG power with 35 LBS of boost and 1900 HP.  The 30 LB spring in his “other” after-market billet tensioner was literally being stretched to its limit.  As a matter of fact the arm of the tensioner was touching a fitting on one of his oil lines.  In order to prevent a disaster of breaking an oil line, he installed a stop on the tensioner arm.  That’s when he began losing boost and HP and breaking or even melting belts.   In less than 2 weeks from the initial phone call, we provided Mark with his American Racing Solutions GT Racing Tensioner featuring a 60 LB spring.  Thanks to our design Mark’s new tensioner never gets close to the oil fitting and he has recorded increased boost and HP.  Problem Solved!

In the summer of 2016 we met Johnny Lighting at the 8th Annual American Muscle Mustang Show at Maple Grove Raceway.  Johnny’s 2013 Cobra Jet also features the Kenne Belle 4.7L Bigun.  Once again big power requires a special belt tensioner.  We were so confident in our design of the GT500 Racing Belt Tensioner that we handed one to Johnny for free.  Even though Johnny was very happy with his Ford Racing Belt Tensioner he agreed to give us a try.  Here is what he said, “ the tensioner is on my Cobra Jet with 0 issues! I made a change to my belt wrap on the SC pulley along with using your new tensioner and I now have 0 slip!….Thanx”

Whether you are running a GT, GT500 or a Coyote engine, we have a tensioner that will fit your needs.